Webcam models can earn excellent money from the comfort of their own home. The BBC reported that the overall webcam market grew from around £730m in 2006 to £1.1bn in 2008.

One of the largest and highest paying companies to work for is Internet Modeling. They pay you $0.80 per minute for each customer in premium chat where you can have multiple customers watching you, and $1.00 for exclusive chat where you can only have one customer at a time. 

At these rates you can easily clear $60 an hour. If you have several customers in premium chat at once it’s possible to earn $200 an hour and upwards. They also offer a weekly bonus if you earn between $500 and $999 a month you get an extra 10%, earn between $1000 and $1999 you get an extra 20% and earn anything over $2000 you will get an extra 30% on top.

Most Webcam Models find their earnings grow with time as they start building a customer fan base who then regularly come back to watch them.

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