Tips To Make More Money


> Don’t give them everything for free! You make money as a webcam model by getting people to watch you in private chat so you don’t want to show them everything for free. Be seductive and suggestive but make sure you leave them wanting to see more and willing to pay to see the good stuff.

> Get some toys. It really helps to have toys at hand to show customers what they will get to see if they join you in private chat. It also helps to keep things interesting and helps you have a good time!

> Separate your work space from your living space. Chances are if you work as a webcam model you will be working from home. You will find it a lot easier to get in the frame of mind if you have a separate area or even better a separate room where you can perform on camera. Of course this isn’t always practical for everyone so if you only have the one room to work from try decorating it a different way for example using a different cover on your bed. This will help you focus on webcam work rather than other distractions.

> Be professional. Webcam modelling should be fun however at the end of the day if this is what you are going to rely on to pay the bills and fund your dream holidays you need to treat it as exactly what it is – your livelihood. You are essentially running your own business with one employee – you. If you’ve never worked for yourself before it may be hard to get motivated at first but you need to find what works for you whether it means drawing up a schedule and sticking to it or giving yourself a target number of hours or amount you wish to earn each week

> Enjoy yourself. Really this should apply to any job you do because it makes it a whole lot easier if you look forward to what you do each day. If you enjoy working as a webcam model then you will get so much more out of it. Not only will you see the benefits of working as a webcam model but because you are enjoying what you are doing it will be like making money from your hobby rather than a job. Plus people watching you will see you enjoying yourself and it will make them much more likely to return to you rather than a different model.

> Don’t be a prude. Whilst you should be clear what your limits are and never feel forced in to doing something you don’t want to but approach webcam modelling with an open mind. Be aware that you may have a lot of competition on any given site and certainly a lot on the internet. So if you don’t do something be honest but be open to suggestions as no doubt someone else will do it or be willing to give it a try. If you are open minded about trying new things you will get a lot more out of working as a webcam model than someone who will only do a limited number of things.

> Use sales persons techniques. Think of your job as a sales person with your aim to “sell” the customer a private chat session. If they are asking you questions about something you do in private chat then that’s great you should have no problem getting them to participate. However if you don’t do something try to put a positive spin on things so rather than saying outright “no” tell them what you will do instead. Even better if you’ve never done it but are willing to give it a try then tell them this and ask them to explain exactly what they want you to do in private chat.

> Be yourself. Sometimes it may be fun to try a different persona or even reinvent yourself altogether but always stay true to yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be made uncomfortable by what you are doing. If you’re outgoing and fun loving then allow this to shine through in your performance. If you are extremely shy that’s ok to because some customer’s prefer that but if you have a problem with nudity or are camera shy then this probably isn’t for you. Try doing something different such as recruiting webcam models

> Be friendly. If you work as a webcam model for long enough eventually you are going to encounter rude people who type all sorts of nonsense in the chat box. These are easy enough to deal with as most sites allow you to block people from your room. However if you are especially friendly to everyone you encounter on the site from people viewing you to other webcam models you will get repeat customers who come back. It is better for everyone if you are nice to them rather than rude or moody. Thinking of the sales person analogy again and ask yourself would you be more likely to buy off of someone who is friendly and polite or someone who is rude and cold?

> Get personal. Most webcam sites have rules against contacting customers people outside of the site however it really pays to get to know someone if you want them to keep coming back to you. The most successful webcam models will get repeat customers by being friendly and personable. Speak to the customer directly by using their user name and if they ask you questions there is no reason you can’t make up a few white lies which matches your online persona.

> Be patient. If you are just starting out you may be expecting people to be lining up to get into private chat with you. Believe us they are! However depending on where you are in the world and when you perform it may just be that this is a quieter time than with half the world asleep. If you get a lot of people in your room but none of them seem to ever want to join you in private chat, then be patient with them. Remember to be friendly and get personal and try different sales techniques and eventually someone will give in to temptation but it can take a bit of perseverance, especially at first whilst you find what works for you.

> Work with a friend or two! Whether it is a same sex or mixed sex group there is a huge demand for couples and groups allowing you to make more. Also it opens up different possibilities which wouldn’t be available to you alone but we’ll leave that up to your imagination.

> Use sound. Whilst you can make do by just streaming video we have found people are much more likely to stick around if you have some type of microphone so they can hear your voice along with any moans and groans you may be making. Some sites do request you have a microphone and a webcam.

> Make connections. Of course by getting friendly with the customers and putting on a good show you will benefit from them coming back to you as often as possible for repeat showings. But it can also pay to make connections and get friendly with other webcam models. Don’t think of them as competition but rather as acquaintances who you can learn from. You never know how you will benefit in the future from knowing a customer or a fellow webcam model

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