Make Money Recruiting Models


So you’re a successful webcam model and you’ve got a friend who would like to join after hearing how much money you make. Or perhaps you have an erotic blog or website that you would like to monetize. Maybe you’ve decided that performing online isn’t for you but your still interested in making some money from this profitible niche.

Whatever the reason, you can now get paid to recruit webcam models without the need to be a webcam model yourself. Its completely free to sign up as an agent. Once you have opened an account you will be given your own referral code which tracks any model you sign up.

After the model starts working, you make 10% of whatever they earn for the life time of their account! This isn’t taken out of their earnings but an extra payment the site pays directly to you. So if a model that you refer earns $1000 a week you will get $100 per week for doing absolutely nothing apart from recruiting them in the first place! Better still there is no limit on the amount of models you can sign up so if you get five models who earn $1000 per week, you make $500 every single week.

There are lots of ways you can recruit models. There are banners available which you can place on your website or blog. Even if you don’t have a website it is still possible to make money recruiting models as long as anyone you refer uses your link. If you have any friends that are interested in make sure you send them your link! Good places to advertise are in online forums, on classified/job sites and in papers and magazines. Really it’s up to you to get creative with different ways to advertise but the earning potential is unlimited.

Sign up as an agent and start recruiting now to build your passive income.

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